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We are a full service electrical and mechanical engineering firm within commercial and industrial buildings.  Our experience has been within high-rise building design, data centers, critical facilities, manufacturing, retail, and office environments.



The electrical infrastructure is where it all starts.  We design power systems from the utility all the way down to the last receptacle or light fixture. We've designed systems as small as 100-amp and as large as 4,000-amp across low and medium voltages.  Our experience has been in large commercial and industrial systems, high-rise building design, data centers, critical facilities, paralleled emergency and standby generator systems, busway-fed infrastructure and substations.  Our goal is to design great infrastructure solutions that are simple and provide the most elegant user experience.


Lighting design is a passion of ours.  As forward-thinking engineers, we don't just draw circuits for light fixtures:  We extensively model all of our lighting designs to elminate shadows, provide the best color, provide significant efficiencies and to add the most in aesthetic and emotional value within a space.  With any great lighting design, an equally great lighting control system should be integrated.  All of our lighting control designs are tailored to be as simple as possible and allow for the best user experience.


Harmonics can affect the health of an electrical infrastructure and diminish the life and performance of facility equipment.  We have a passion for investigating, determining root cause and designing solutions for harmonic mitigation.  The success of our approach to harmonics comes not just from an ability to interpret the data from the monitoring process, but in our ability to look at the entire building and recognize more discrete, underlying causes of harmonic issues.    


A well-designed electrical power metering system (EPMS) is an empowering tool for any facility.  The visibility into consumption rates, power quality and power flow allows facility managers to make intelligent operations decisions, see where problems might be occurring and provides opportunities for pro-active energy reduction measures.  We design and coordinate the implementation of EPMS’s within facilities, however, we take it above and beyond just collecting data.  We provide customized reporting and intelligent decision-making, tailored to the facilities needs and with data that gives forecasting and trending measures.  That is, we develop systems that allow intelligent decisions to be made quickly, efficiently and with certainty.



Connecting the dots.  The most important thing to realize in performing a forensics study is that the dots are almost never apparent and are most certainly never connected in initial appearance.  We have a passion for performing forensic investigation studies and finding root cause.  Our experience has been mostly within commercial facilities with projects involving equipment failure analysis, arc flash incident analysis, construction dispute investigations, and expert witness services.


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